Jeel Albena is a National Humanitarian and Non-Governmental Association emerged in wake of the humanitarian crisis to help communities affected by conflict in Yemen. It provides emergency relief and direct assistance for the conflict-affected populations, IDPs, host communities, vulnerable groups and those people caught up in extraordinary life-threatening situations. Jeel Albena has a presence in Al Hudaydah & Hajjah with the aim of building up protection capacities for people in displacement and it works towards finding durable solutions for them upon return.
Jeel Al Bena seeks to promote sustainable economic and social development by working with local communities through relief, recovery and developmental programes, supporting Humanity to build a better life and find their own solutions to global problems.
Jeel Al Bena provides emergency relief and assistance to people caught up in extraordinary, life-threatening situations and actively providing assistance whenever needed. Even though most organization have some dedicated major targets ,however they have one common main target which is delivering humanitarian assistance to population in distress to victims of armed conflict without discrimination and irrespective of race ,religion ,creed or political affiliation , And JAAHD as one of the most active organization in the remote area  and it plays a noticeable role to convey humanitarian aid to the population in need ,it become as assets  that JAAHD serve and participate in the success of the genuine aid work in the affected areas.



We strongly believe in humanity as the core of solutions for all current crisis and the fundamental approach for humankind.


We act on the principal of no harm with all different parties, races, religions and all species to ensure effective and positive impact on humanitarian works and establish a unified spectrum of communication with all people.


We have a strong belief of equal treatment for all different groups as a step ahead to strengthen the foundation of peace across the globe and to create a solid ground for one another acceptance.


We belong to our own destination which we have been through and perform on the stage of independence based on our integrated value as independent, self-managed and decision makers, believing in the power of independency and supporting all those who looking-for.


Great analysis of emergency response and a proficient quick reaction to assist, Relief as its inspired by values of JAAHD, This live envisions encourage widely all population to have and enjoy life with dignity and equal opportunities not for vulnerable people but also for all to seize the basic requirements for living and enhance the suffering and raise the hand of well-deserved support.


JAAHD mission is to achieve lasting improvement in the quality of life of all people, regardless of their gender, race, religion, class or political affiliation, by mobilizing resources, building partnerships and developing local capacities.
JAAHD saves and preserves life during emergencies and in their immediate aftermath, providing aid to relieve suffering in cases of major loss of life, material damage and social, physical and psychological affliction caused by both natural and man-made disasters including, wars and conflicts etc.
JAAHD undertakes short-term rehabilitation and reconstruction, working closely within local structures and in cooperation with people from the local level to ensure that relief reaches those most in need without delay. After the immediate emergency, JAAHD seeks to improve the living standards of those in need through long-term development programs, helping the people affected by crises  regain at least a basic level of self sufficiency.