Camp Coordination and Camp Management (CCCM)

JAAHD is implementing a CCCM project funded by UNHCR, in 97 sites located at 6 districts in Hajjah and Al Hudaydah Governorates. The project aims to manage all sites that host the IDPs in Abs, Quaydinah, Bani Qays, Alluhayah, Alqanawis and Alzaydiah districts, and implement aid and protection activities in light of the internationally agreed laws and standards in order to allow the IDPs to enjoy their basic human rights.

Project Activities

A. Training of SMC teams on data collection, information management and survey collection of sites.

B. Establish regular site related coordination meetings with site level stakeholders in coordination with UNHCR & Local Authorities.

C. Identify and establish community committees.

D. Conduct awareness-raising activities.

E. Conduct multi-sectoral need assessments.  

F. Identify the gaps and the requirements of sites maintenance, and support the simple needs through cash for work modality.

G. Site improvement through maintenance activities.

H. Identify the number of IDPs and humanitarian service providers available in the field, and creating geographical maps.

I. Conduct coordination meetings with the service providers and activate the referral system.

J. Activating the complaint mechanism and feedback through the complaint boxes in the sites.

CCCM Staff Capacity Building
CCCM Focus Group Discussions
Mud-Stove Manufactured by an IDP after receiving the training from JAAHD