Face Masks Making Project

This is a pilot project funded by UNHCR and implemented by JAAHD in Al Hodeidah Governorate in order to prevent the newly discovered virus “COVID-19” from spreading among the displaced and the host communities. The project aimed to produce preventive face masks and empower the displaced women with the ability to earn an income. Around 80 women in Al Hodeidah city took part in this JAAHD-UNHCR initiative and received training, as well as the tools and materials to make the masks. By creating a livelihood opportunities, the project helped in the economic empowerment of 80 vulnerable families, and in mitigating the socio-economic impact and compensate for the loss of income sources. Through this project, JAAHD produces 25.169 Masks and delivered them to the UNHCR to be re-distributed to partners’ staff and frontline workers as well as to the vulnerable IDPs, CBPNs, and volunteers. At the end stage of the project implementation, 80 participants were handed over with sewing machines in order to ensure that those families have got a sustainable source of income.

Total Face Masks Produced and Families Benefited from the Project

Number of Face Masks Produced by IDPs in 2020 at (Al Hodeidah)
25,169 Masks
Number of Displaced Women Received Training and Sewing Machines
80 HHs
During the production of Face Masks by the IDPs in Al Hodaidah City
Sewing Machines purchased by JAAHD and UNHCR for the IDPs to improve their living conditions
During the hand-over of Sewing Machines for the Displaced Women at the end of the project
JAAHD staff monitors and guides the BNFs during the production of face-masks