Provision of Rental Subsidies

UNHCR Yemen first introduced the Rental Subsidy (RS) support, as part of its growing Cash-Based Intervention (CBI) program, to respond to the growing number of displaced families who were forced to flee their homes and communities in search of a securer location. So often, a securer location meant having to pay rent. Considering that many of these families had previously owned their homes, this new monthly obligation of having to pay rent triggered further financial stress—not to mention, competed with food expenses.
 This type of assistance provides a means to vulnerable IDPs to ensure their access to safe shelter for an extended period of time and should be linked to ensure the shelter solution is more sustainable.  The support provided does not necessarily cover the full amount of the rental but a partial amount as a transitional measure until the family is able to self-sustain.
In 2017, JAAHD started its partnership with UNHCR in Hajjah and Al Al Hudeidah in this program, while JAAHD started its cash based interventions in Almahweet in 2018. Currently, JAAHD is one of the main partners for this program in Hajjah, Alhodeidah and Almahweet.

Distributions of Cash Assistances

2020 (Hajjah, Alhodeidah & Almahweet)
12,866 HHs
2019 (Hajjah, Alhodeidah & Almahweet)​
17,236 HHs​
2018 (Hajjah, Alhodeidah & Almahweet)
18,356 HHs​
2017 (Hajjah, & Alhodeidah)​
3,000 HHs​
JAAHD Staff conducts home visits during the Rental Subsidies Assessment Process -Hajjah City
JAAHD staff organizes and monitors the issuance process of Cash Assistances for Multi-Purposes - Al Hali District, Hodeidah
JAHHD Staff facilitates the issuance process of Cash Assistances from UNHCR for IDPs in Al Qanawis – Hodeidah Governorate