Refugee Housing Units

The Humanitarian Shelter named Refugee Housing Units “RHU” is one of the shelter solutions funded by UNHCR in Yemen and implemented by JAAHD at Alhodeida and Hajja Governorates to offer dignified and secured housing for the vulnerable families fleeing war zones, natural disasters or areas of political unrest.
RHUs give a longer-lasting alternative to the simple emergency shelter tents which typically have a life span of only six months and are not always suitable for housing families who may live in camps for years. Also, since the emergency shelter kits leave vulnerable families more exposed to the challenges of life in the camps and present a huge burden to the aid agencies and governments who are trying to create a more dignified life for those people who have had to flee their own homes, RHUs came as a much more dignified and safer shelter solution that offer a good protection against heavy rain, strong wind and sun, and they are recommended in formal camps and new camps when IDPs are very likely to stay more than a year.

As it was the first time to use this kind of shelter solution in Yemen, JAAHD launched a training workshop during which specialists from the UNHCR trained the staff and the volunteers from the engineers on the contents of the RHU and the way of installing it in the field, they trained them practically by installing an RHU for one of the beneficiaries from the project in Abs District – Hajja Governorate.
Following these initial activities, all the units for the targeted beneficiaries in Hajja and Alhodeida were completely installed, and feedback from persons of concern has been extremely positive highlighting the contribution of RHUs in providing improved and dignified accommodation for the IDPs and their families.

One of the RHUs that were installed by JAAHD for the IDPs in Alhodeidah Governorate
JAAHD staff during the process of installing the RHUs in Hajja Governorate
Some of the RHUs that were installed by JAAHD for IDPs in Abs - Hajja Governorate