Mud-Stove Manufacturing

JAAHD funded by UNHCR is working to offer both stop-gap protection and long-term solutions for IDPs and the vulnerable families from the host communities, and support the continued improvement of their shelter. Thus, JAAHD launched a pilot project starting by a training workshop on mud stove manufacturing for the IDPs under its management in Alhodeidah, mainly at Al Qanawis and Alluhayiah districts. During the workshop there were two expert craftsmen and two expert craftswomen selected from the local community whose main task was to train about 40 IDPs delegated earlier as 20 men and 20 women to represent IDPs living in these sites.
The objective behind this training workshop was to get the delegates learn the essential ins and outs of manufacturing a mud stove from the beginning to the end and what’s between. Along with that, the delegated IDPs needed to understand all aspects of manufacturing a mud stove in order to transfer this gained craft to the other IDPs in their sites. So, the workshop covered all of the stages and considerations related to manufacturing a mud stove such as the material used, preparation stages sequence, fuel amount, safety, proper location, mud stove efficiency and its advantages/disadvantages. At the end of the workshop, JAAHD team stressed on the importance of IDPs participation in the implementation of such community-based projects to improve their living conditions and reduce the rates of poverty among them.
Later on, JAAHD assessed the results of this pilot project which were promising. Almost all families reported being satisfied with the stove and using it daily. The stoves offer the families a fuel-efficient, eco-friendly and safer cooking alternative and help reduce the hardship that often falls on women and girls to collect firewood. JAAHD and UNHCR are exploring the opportunity to expand the project to more families.

During the training workshop for female IDPs on Mud-Stove Manufacturing
During the Impact Assessment for the Mud-Stove Manufacturing Project
One of the Mud-Stoves manufactured by IDPs in Alhodeidah - Alqanawis District
One of the Mud-Stoves manufactured by IDPs in Alhodeidah - Alluhayiah District